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Signs in the Charleston, WV, Area

Signs. You see them everywhere, every single one of them fighting for your attention. Safety signs. Vehicle signage. Political signs. Storefront signs. To shine among them all, you need something bold, something daring, a high-quality sign. Make your message stand out among the masses by trusting your sign needs to Parton Sign Company in Charleston, WV.

We create big, bold, colorful, gorgeous signs to make certain that people know who you are and what you are saying.When you need any type of signage, you need us! We have produced quality signs for businesses, organizations, or personal use, including vehicle signage and safety signs, since 1954. And we will create the perfect sign for you! Contact us right now at (304) 346-1919 or [email protected] for your free quote!

Signs are Our Passion at Parton Sign Company!

At Parton Sign Company, we know signs. It is what we do, and it is right there in our name! We will work with you to make sure we create the particular right look for what you want, and we will produce high quality signs to proclaim your message to the entire area.
Some of the outstanding signs we produce include: 

Americans With Disabilities Act, or ADA, signs:

Parton Sign Company can help you with all of your ADA sign needs. From standard signs to custom-made, we have a big variety of choices for you, including various colors and materials to meet your exact specifications. We will also make sure that your signs are compliant with ADA standards.

Real estate signs:

Our custom-made signs come either single-sided or double-sided, whatever your need may be. We also handle sign frames, and some installation is available. Let Parton Sign Company help you sell or lease your property!

Safety signs:

Whether you need a “caution” or “danger” sign, some sort of a notice, a “no smoking” sign or various types of safety signs, Parton Sign Company has you covered! We sell standard signs, or we can custom-make any safety signs to your specifications. All of our signs are OSHA-compliant.

Political signs:

Proclaim your candidacy to your constituents brightly and boldly! We will work with you to produce the perfect look to proclaim your message. Let Parton Sign Company be a vital member of your campaign staff!


Storefront signs:

Let everyone know about your Charleston, WV, area business with a storefront sign from Parton Sign Company! Whether you run a bakery, a coffee shop, clothing store or boutique, let our bold, beautiful signs catch your customers’ eyes. We will work with you to create the perfect type of sign to complement your business atmosphere!

Vehicle signage:

Parton Sign Company wants to help you look good and get noticed, and there is no better way than to have your message proclaimed all over town from the side of your car or truck! Vehicle signage is a great value, as your signs travel with you wherever you go. Let us create the perfect design for you, or send us your file. We will have that vehicle signage on your car or truck soon!

Magnetic signs:

At Parton Sign Company, we produce all of our magnetic signs on 100% magnetic material, and they can be used on any magnetic surface! They are great for temporary use for identification or advertising, and they are super easy to install!

Whatever the need or whatever the message, if you want any type of sign, including vehicle signage or safety sign, you can count on Parton Sign Company!


Parton Sign Company also handles banners of all sizes for interior or exterior use, and we offer vinyl and dimensional lettering and engraving services. Whatever your need in the Charleston, WV, area, make Parton Sign Company your choice! Call us today at (304) 346-1919 or email us at [email protected] to discover exactly what Parton Sign Company can do for you.

Give Parton Sign Company a try, because we love to make signs!